A/DA Effects

A/DA’s first product was the A/DA Flanger, which Tarnowski started designing while he was working for Seamoon. “It had a few features in it that no one else was doing and no one else has duplicated since.” says Tarnowski. “The main feature was the wide range of minimum to maximum time delay, which was a 40:1 ratio. Most flanger pedals are 20:1 or less. Secondly, when it sweeps up, it sounds like it sweeps to zero time delay. It actually goes up to infinity, which is what true tape flanging sounds like. Another unique feature is the even/odd harmonic switch. The regeneration is an enriched overtone and harmonic re-circulation path that no one else has ever done, as far as I know. It has a warmer, richer tone to it when it goes into higher regeneration, rather than just pure white noise and brittleness. There’s also a gate that allows you to set the flanger so it only comes in at higher dynamics, and there’s a noise gate that squelches any residual noise when the signal gets low.”

ADA GCS-3 Guitar Cabinet Simulator DI Box w/ Mic Placement Control Headphone Out

A/DA ADA GCS-2 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Simulator

ADA MXC/ CCP/Quad Switch MIDI Controller Footswitch Pedal Set

A/DA APP-1 Pedal Preamp Effects ADA

NEW! ADA MP-1-Channel Guitar Preamp

ADA GCS-5 Guitar Cabinet Simulator DI Box w/ Headphone Output + 9V Adapter

ADA APP-1 Pedal Preamp Pedal A/DA

ADA GCS-2 Natural Resonance Guitar Cabinet Simulation and DI A/DA Cab Sim w

ADA GCS-3 Guitar Cabinet Simulator DI Box

ADA MP-1-CHANNEL Guitar Preamp Pedal, New!