AMT Electronics

AMT Electronics in its current state was founded in 2001in Siberia by father and son Sergey and Yan Marichev. Their effect pedals were well met by the worldwide music community at MusikMesse 2001. Together with Alexander Chernyaev and Victor Kampf they formed a brilliant team who have created many innovative and original guitar effect products including latest brand new Warmstone ‘tubes’- the fully functional, solid-state equivalent of 12AX7 and 6L6 vacuum tubes.

AMT Electronics Legend Amps E1 ENGL Distortion Pedal

AMT Electronics SS-11A 3-Channel Dual Tube Guitar Preamp without power adaptor

AMT Electronics K2 – LA2 guitar preamp/distortion pedal

[Mint condition] AMT Electronics V1

AMT Electronics M1 DIstortion (Marshall emulator preamp)

AMT Electronics LLM-2 Little Loudmouth Mini Volume Pedal

AMT Electronics "P-Drive" - JFET distortion pedal (PE-1) - emulates Peavey 5150

AMT Electronics Lot of 2 Guitar Pedal Capitalist Pig/Magnum Overdrive/Distortion

AMT Electronics Guitar Preamp R-2 (Legend Amp Series 2) emulates Mesa Rectifier

AMT ELECTRONICS TUBE GUITAR PREAMP SS-11A -- classic over-saturated tube tone!