Analog Man

Analog Man is one of the oldest guitar effects companies under original management. We came out the same time as the internet and as it grew, we grew. Our pedals are used by everyone from Aerosmith to ZZ Top but we specialize in helping all amateur and professional players to get the tones they are looking for, at a reasonable price, without filling up garbage dumps with disposable, factory-built pedals that are all too common at the big box guitar stores.

Analogman Prince of Tone

Analogman King of Tone v4 High Gain Red Side

Analogman Prince of Tone

Analogman King of Tone Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal High gain both sides

Analog Man Prince of Tone Effects Pedal

$180.00 Vox Vintage Boost Guitar Effects Pedals 1960s Custom 1 Of 1

ANALOGMAN King of Tone V4 Overdrive Pedal Clean Boost Distortion KOT Analog Man

Analogman Prince of Tone Overdrive - ANALOGMAN - PRINCE OF TONE OD PEDAL

Analog Man Ver 4 Effect Pedal

used Analogman modded Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer pedal, Mint in box