Automagic Guitar Effect Pedals

New and Used Automagic Guitar Effect Pedals


The all-new SM-2 Silver Machine Revolution Guitar Wah represents the pinnacle of functionality and design excellence in the field of wah wahs. Instead of copying vintage units, designer Hardy Kurandt has effectively created a unit that will provide the user with truly inspirational performance.

The SM-2 features A striking 14-gauge, road-worthy stainless steel chassis that protects its hi-tech circuitry and premium quality components from harm. Three switchable frequency bands and four switchable filter bandwidths provide the user with 12 distinct wah effects. Switchable Classic (wah only) and Modern (wah & dry mix) modes with adjustable effect blend allow for further sound variations. By manipulating these controls a dazzling array of effects can be achieved, from standard wah sounds to tremolo, phasing, vibrato and even tape reverse simulations. The foot switchable “Continuous On” mode allows for use of the SM-2 as a static filter to accentuate specific frequencies, further increasing its versatility.

Now available with the all new, patented “Automagic” pressure-sensitive activator pad, the Silver Machine Mark II is even easier to operate than before. Simply step down on the treadle to engage the effect, then step off to disengage. The new Automagic activator requires less pressure than previous versions, making activation even easier and more accurate than before.

Each SM-2 is painstakingly hand-built in Germany to the exacting specifications of designer Hardy Kurandt and comes with a one-year parts and labor warranty.

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