LovePedal Guitar Effects

New and Used LovePedal Guitar Effect Pedals

Lovepedal has been a very popular name in boutique guitar effects pedals for several years now, due in no small part to creator Sean Michael’s dedication to quality and the “less is more” aesthetic of guitar tone. Sean began designing guitar pedal circuits in the early nineties in a quest for classic tones that he just couldn’t seem to get out of the mass-produced rack units that dominated the market at the time. After several years of trial and error Lovepedal has become one of the world’s most respected brands of all time..

Lovepedal Hermida Audio Mosferatu Black Box Overdrive/Distortion

Lovepedal Twin Sixty Boost

Lovepedal Amp11 - Gold PERFECT CONDITION!

Mint Condition Lovepedal Dover Drive

Lovepedal Champ overdrive pedal w/ box; Fender tweed-style tones

Lovepedal Twin Sixty Effect Pedal Dual Clean Boost 2017 Blue NEW

Lovepedal JTM Effect Pedal Overdrive 2017 Black

Lovepedal Eternity Burst Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal


Lovepedal E6 Overdrive Pedal! Free shipping


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