Aramat Effect Pedals

MADE IN U.S.A. Super rare, got it from manufacturer ARAMAT owner Keith Van DerSchaegen about 2004 he passed away several years ago so no more are made. Nice guy and he made some really fine pedals, have almost all of them but do not seem to ever use the fuzz pedal, these are hand made and numbered and TRUE BYPASS used pedal in smoke free home studio. From the ARAMAT literature, a copy of which I will send to you, with all the pedal descriptors: “This pedal is an upgrade of the vintage SOLA/COLORSOUND TONE BENDER which is no longer in production. A trio of GERMANIUM transistors push vitality and high gain into this effect pedal. Experiment with the level of FUZZ to see where you like it. With a high level of fuzz you will obtain a more singing and extended sustain and drive. The SOUL control adjusts the tone from shimmering and sparkling to dark and moody as you turn it clockwise.”