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When you switch the Ampeg on, you immediately hear the thickness of the note you’re playing, especially at higher sustain settings. One of the A-2′s best qualities is its ability to drive an amp while still sounding natural, especially a small tube amp (Fender Princeton, Champ, or newer Fender Pro Jr.).

While testing the pedal, I used a Telecaster, Stratocaster, and these three amps. You have to love the natural-sounding sustain this pedal offers – like the amplifier is cranked. But it delivers this sound at lower volumes. Another winning feature is a low noise factor.

And still another nice element is the volume dynamics. With full volume settings on the guitar and pedal, it’s easy to adjust the sound of the effect by simply rolling back the guitar’s volume. It’s much simpler to do than turning the effect off; however, battery life won’t be as long. A guitar with humbuck-ers, such as a Les Paul, won’t react quite as strongly with the volume trick, but it will work in the same manner, just not as easily as single-coil guitars. The A-2 can be powered with a nine-volt adapter.

With the A-2, you don’t have to drive your tube amp hard if you don’t want to. At lower level/higher sustain settings, the A-2 produces a thick, creamy tone with a slight overdrive. Your picking attack also affects the way the pedal reacts. With harder picking, each note makes a slight popping at higher settings. A softer picking attack produces little if any pop on the notes.

Overall, this compressor is a winner. But, as with many good pedals, there is usually something that’ll bother someone. With the A-2, it seems when you switch the effect on, there is a slight -but-noticeable signal loss. This is another reason for keeping the effect on and manipulating the guitar volume. But if you must turn it on and off, there is only a slight signal loss.

Although the A-2 is such an offbeat and rare pedal, if you do find one, it’s usually at a reasonable price. And in spite of the slight signal loss, all in all it offers a lot of bang for the buck.